A Fistful of Cybernetics: A space cowboy loses his ship to a trio of sneaky, nacho-crunching aliens, but turns the tables when he steals their plans for a lucrative heist.  Or so he thinks.  With aliens, things are never quite as they appear.

All That Glitters: A treasure map and golden key lead a roguish invader named Bladeor on a quest to conquer a faery woodland and set himself up as king. One must always be careful, however, when toying with faeries.

AMR-17: A well-meaning maintenance robot travels back in time to undo an error which destroys a colony on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. If he could only remember what he did wrong…

The Light Fantastic: A teenager borrows his father’s time machine for a trip to the far-flung future, where he hopes to return with a piece of cool technology. The future, however, isn’t quite as bright as he’d expected.

The Light of Venus: Interstellar jewel thief, Logan Bishop, is captured after stealing a legendary gemstone, when he must escape a ship of angry Venusians and a double-dealing agent, and return the prize to his beautiful but unforgiving client back on Earth.

Neptune Rising: Aussie jewel thief, Logan Bishop, takes on a client who seeks the return of a painting stolen by off-world thugs and meets with surprising opposition along with some unexpected help from a flamboyant art computer.

Oasis: In a world conquered by demons, a gunslinger bound by a demonic Oath must choose between the search for his lost love and the life of a boy he encounters hidden in a small, isolated chapel.

One Man’s Hel: A fallen Viking prince recounts his life’s deeds in a bid to escape the frozen mists of Hel and secure his eternal reward in the halls of Valhalla.

The Oracle: The appearance of a bloody head at an isolated monastery leads an unwilling monk on a journey to ascertain the meaning of this dark omen.

The Riddle of Elders: To absolve a debt with ninjas, the roguish Bladeor attempts to secure a prize of sparkly gemstones by facing an ancient riddle normally reserved for faeries.

When the Cow Breaks: A twist on Jack and the Beanstalk set in France, poor Jacques faces off with the lead singer of the heavy metal band Colossus for a golden guitar, a bag of chocolate coins, and the love of his girl.


One thought on “SHORT STORIES:

  1. ssnroyal says:

    An impressive lineup of stories, I must say. And every one of them is worth reading.

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