About Edmund Wells

Disclaimer: Edmund Wells is not my real name… or “nym”, to be more precise.  This nym is, alas, “pseudo”.  The prefix pseudo– (from Greek ψευδής “lying, false”) is used to mark something as fraudulent, false, or pretending to be something it is not, and for this I must apologize.  It is not my intention to deceive, but writers of fiction are notorious liars, as this is our craft.

Many famous writers have chosen to adopt pseudonyms – either because their true names weren’t especially catchy, such as Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who went on to become Lewis Carroll (though his friends called him Chuck); Theodor Seuss Geisel, whose lovable but bizarre children’s books were more palatable if presented by a “doctor” (another falsehood); or Mr. Ellis Bell, who was less likely to be stoned to death in her time (being a man) than poor Emily Bronte, and so one might forgive her this fabrication.

As for myself, I’m not a famous writer (although one can dream), nor do I have any particular need to hide my true identity (my super hero days are long past).  I merely wanted a nym with more panache.  I’ve adopted this particular name, however, based on an audio sketch by the great ones – Monty Python’s Bookshop:

Bookshop owner (John Cleese): “We don’t have anything by Edmund Wells, actually.  He’s not very popular.”

Now that the “nym issue” has been addressed, I should probably add that Edmund Wells (the false one) is a fan of classic fantasy, science fiction and mystery.  Some of his favorite authors are JRR Tolkien, Douglas Adams, Roger Zelazny, Terry Pratchett, Michael Moorcock, Arthur C Clarke, Terry Goodkind, Frank Herbert and Agatha Christie.

I’ve always been fond of words, and write in connection with my day job in the insurance industry.  It was only in August of 2009 that I began putting words down with the intent of creating humorous adventure, as is my main interest.

With one fantasy novel written and a sci-fi comedy underway, Edmund is seeking the services of an agent.

If you’re ever in the area of 40° 31\’ 7\” N / 74° 24\’ 45\” W then do drop by for a slice of pizza.


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